Program Overview

Water is central both to our Christian theology and to our survival.

Sacred Water: Oceans and Ecosystems, the third program in JustFaith Ministries’ Eco-justice Series, guides small groups in discerning how they can better care for the earth’s waters, as well as the creatures and communities who live in and around them. Topics include watershed discipleship, natural disasters and the climate crisis, ocean health, clean water access, pollution, plastics, and environmental racism. Through prayer and spiritual practices, participants explore their personal relationships with water and the centrality of water within Christian theology. Participants can expect to leave Sacred Water: Oceans and Ecosystems better equipped to restore the health of our oceans, waterways, and ecosystems through advocacy, grassroots organizing, and daily decision-making.

Each program in the eco-justice series includes eight two-hour regular sessions, an optional get-to-know-you session, and an immersion experience. All regular sessions include prayer, dialogue, active listening, weekly spiritual practices, and relationship-building. You can stop after the first eight-session program, but we encourage you to take all three. You do not need to take the eco-justice programs in order.