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JustFaith Ministries small group programs transform participants in their faith and inspire and equip them for social action.

We rely on people — like you! — to coordinate and facilitate these programs within their online or in-person communities. By coordinating and/or facilitating a small group program, you are inviting others into the life-changing, world-changing call of the Gospel.

Here are six steps to get your small group off the ground.

If you are not inviting others into a small group and are simply looking for a group to join, please visit our Find a Small Group page.   

Step 1: Determine Your Program

Determine which program you would like to offer.

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Step 2: Find a Partner

Invite someone to partner with you to complete steps 3-6.

Step 3: Identify Facilitators

Identify two facilitators for your small group. Facilitators certainly do not need to be experts on the program topic, but they should have some basic facilitation skills. JustFaith Ministries provides everything you need to facilitate a program, including a comprehensive facilitator manual, facilitator training resources, Zoom training, and one-on-one support. 

Step 4: Determine the Day, Time, and Format

Determine the start date and meeting time for your small group. If at all possible, programs should be offered over the course of 8-10 consecutive weeks. Decide if your group would like to meet online or in person.

Step 5: Register Your Group

Go to our Start a Small Group page and set up your small group. You can choose to create a “closed group” or an “open group.” A closed group is available only to participants you choose to invite; a “closed group”  is available to anyone looking for a group on our website. 

Step 6: Invite Participants to Join Your Group

Working with your partner, and using the Promotion Toolkit materials on the program page, invite others to join your small group. We recommend small groups of 7-14 participants for those meeting in person and groups of 7-12 for those meeting virtually. 

After you completed Step 5, you received an email with a unique registration link and instructions you’ll need to share with participants. If your small group is open, it will appear on our website for participants to join.

All participants will need to register on our site in order to access their program materials.

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