JustFaith is an intensive, small-group process for faithful Christians looking to deepen their commitment to care for vulnerable people and our planet. Through prayer, study, dialogue, and immersions, participants form community as they explore critical realities and their implications to their lives and their faith. JustFaith is designed for use in diverse Christian communities.



JustMatters modules allow small faith communities to explore critical current issues such as hunger, racism, migration, nonviolence, and advocacy within a prayerful environment that invites personal transformation.  JustMatters modules are eight weeks.

Faith and Racial Equity
Faith and Racial Healing
Cultivating Nonviolence, Harvesting Peace
Exploring Migration: A Faith Journey
Hunger for Change

Just Engagement: The Power to Change
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EngagingSpirituality is a 21-week spiritual deepening process for adult Christians who are seeking to bring the power of the Holy Spirit to bear upon the needs of our world. We all hunger for intimacy, with our Maker and our neighbor. EngagingSpirituality invites small groups of concerned Christians to look at the world together and enter deeply into the critical realties of our day as they break open their lives. EngagingSpritiuality encourages us to BE STILL and STILL BE in the storms of life that surround us.



GoodNewsPeople is a dynamic parish-wide faith formation program of JustFaith Ministries that offers a way to engage Catholics seeking to deepen their understanding and practice of their faith. Through an engaging small-group process of prayer, reflection, and action, GoodNewsPeople explores and deepens our call to discipleship.