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All programs include prayer, scripture, reading, dialogue, videos, relationship-building and direct engagement.

What our program participants are saying

I have been inspired and nourished by the Spirituality and Racial Justice meditative/mindfulness practices offered in this program and plan to continue to integrate them into my life. This spiritually inclusive module has provided me with a much needed common framework builder in our community to prepare us for the long haul anti racism work that must be continued in our communities to interrupt racist systems and structures.

Teresa Stanley •

EngagingSpirituality is an excellent program and just what I needed. The connection of contemplation and justice is powerful indeed. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to strengthen their prayer life, and their ability to create positive change in the world.

Lisa Dobson-Whiting •

We have really different ideas about a lot of things, but I think the main thing that we agree on is that we believe in justice. We believe that as people of faith, we need to be active in our community to make sure that all people have a sense of hope and that all people have equal access and opportunities to a quality of life.

Rosemary Lawson • JustFaith Graduate