Promote Justice by Supporting Change Today

From a sixteen year old calling on her governor to address racial injustice to individuals and communities donating hundreds of pounds of fresh produce from their church gardens to food pantries– your donation makes a lasting change.

Everyday individuals across the country are experiencing a call to act for justice through a JustFaith Ministries program – your financial support ensures that the voice of the marginalized and vulnerable are heard. It means more people are encountering what it means to live into the radical love of God by learning about and changing systems of poverty, exploitation, environmental degradation, and so much more. From the way they advocate to the way they shop, JustFaith Ministries graduates are changing the world for the better.

Donate below or give us a call to discuss the option that best fits your philanthropic goals. Andrea Martin, our Director of Development is happy to walk you through the donation process of your choice. She can be reached at 502-429-0865 (Ext 4) or by email at [email protected]