Resources for Virtual Small Group Facilitation

List of online tools to consider using for facilitating our programs in a virtual space.

Our Zoom Training webinar Powerpoint slides can be found here.

Our Zoom Training webinar recording can be found on our Facebook page.

Link to our Facilitator Training YouTube playlist where we have added additional Zoom Training videos.

New JustFaith Facilitator Training

If this is your first time facilitating the JustFaith program, this webinar is designed to help you navigate as you prepare for your fall group, work with the online materials, and facilitate the individual sessions and retreats.

JustFaith Ministries How To: How to order materials for your program

This short video shows how to order materials for your program from the JustFaith website,

JustFaith Ministries How To: How to login to the JustFaith website

This short video shows how to login to the JustFaith website,

JustFaith Ministries How To: How to invite your group participants to create online accounts

This short video shows facilitators how to invite others to their JFM group.

JustFaith Ministries How To: Facilitating Difficult Conversations

In just under two minutes, Susie Tierney, JFM Director of Organizing, provides three helpful tips for facilitating difficult conversations in your JustFaith group or other JustFaith Ministries program group.

JustFaith Ministries How To: Ideas & Opportunities for Guest Speakers

Susie Tierney, JFM Director of Organizing, provides a couple of tips for inviting guest speakers into your JustFaith Ministries program group, including a few tips on where to find guest speakers on particular topics.

JustFaith Ministries How To: Planning Successful Immersion Experiences

Susie Tierney, JFM Director of Organizing, defines the difference between “service” and “immersion” and provides a couple of tips for planning successful immersion experiences for your JustFaith Ministries program.

JustFaith Ministries How To: Successful Mid Summer JF & ES Promotion

Susie Tierney, JFM Director of Organizing, outlines the primary ways to invite participants into your JustFaith and EngagingSpirituality groups. Susie shares about setting up promotion weekends in parishes or congregations, personally contacting those who have expressed an interest in the program, and engaging JustFaith graduates in extending personal invitations. While the tips are geared for summer promotion, they are helpful no matter what time of year you are working on promotion.

JustFaith Ministries How To: Encountering Others Through Immersions

JustFaith Ministries programs invite participant groups to move beyond their immediate circle of care to encounter others engaged in the healing work of the Gospel. This webinar explores prayerful ways to enrich immersion experiences and creative approaches to identifying potential locations for encounter. Director of Programs, Joe Grant, will present a vision and a framework for immersions rooted in the faithful practices of visiting, listening, and sharing.

JustFaith Ministries How To: Moving from Discussion to Dialogue

Dialogue is a central component of JustFaith Ministries programs.  It requires a movement from sharing thoughts to sharing from the heart, a constant willingness to remain open. It is no easy practice! This webinar will provide an explanation of the differences between discussion and dialogue and offer guidance on how to cultivate the heartfelt sharing and open-hearted listening of dialogue.  JFM Program Associate, Cory Lockhart, will lead us through the many ways we can encourage depth in ourselves and others through dialogue.

JustFaith Ministries How To: Opening a Space for Prayer

It is not unusual for even the most seasoned facilitator to feel nervous about gathering a group of people in prayer. This webinar, hosted by Program Team member, Mandy Olivam, aims to ease some of that anxiety by offering guidance on the preparation and practice of group prayer.

JustFaith Ministries How To: Program Recruitment

Designed for JFM program facilitators and coordinators who are looking for ideas on how to recruit for an upcoming JFM program.  Join PJ Edwards, a JFM board member, as he offers ideas and thoughts on this process.