Program Overview

Faith and Poverty: A Biblical Response, the first small group program in this three-part JustFaith series, lays the theological and biblical foundation for responding to poverty in our communities, so that we might respond in a way that honors the image of God in those we seek to serve.

In this faith and justice program, participants explore these two questions: 1. What tools does my faith have to offer regarding huge questions around poverty and injustice?, and 2. In light of poverty and other forms of human suffering, what is the Good News of the Gospel? Participants will emerge from this program with a transformed understanding of who they are as God’s child and how God is calling them to use their lives.

Each small group program in the JustFaith series contains eight 2-hour sessions and an immersion experience with an organization working to alleviate poverty. Faith and Poverty: A Biblical Response also contains a retreat between Sessions 2 and 3. All sessions contain prayer, dialogue, active listening, weekly spiritual practices, and relationship-building. You can stop after the first 8-session program, or you can offer the second and third as well.