Facilitator Post-Program Survey

Congratulations on completing your JustFaith Ministries program. Please take about 5 minutes to let us know about your experience. We are grateful for your help in ensuring our programs are meaningful and relevant to everyone!

What program did you complete?(Required)
To what degree did the book(s) help you discover a new perspective?(Required)
To what degree did the additional videos, podcasts, articles, and other resources help you discover a new perspective?(Required)
Did you find the prayers/meditations helpful?(Required)
To what degree did the spiritual practices help you discover a new perspective?(Required)
How did you access the materials for the program?(Required)
Did you participate in this program virtually using a video-conferencing tool (e.g., Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting)?(Required)
Based on my experience in the program, my faith, spirituality, or connection to something sacred is:(Required)
During the last session our group discerned to:(Required)
Would you be willing to allow JustFaith Ministries to share your response to the previous question on our website or in promotional materials?(Required)
Did you have the information and support you needed to facilitate this program?(Required)
What worked best to train and prepare you to facilitate?(Required)
Is there anything you would recommend changing in the facilitator manual to make it easier to read or reference?(Required)