Spirituality and Racial Justice: Changing Systems and Structures

Broadly Spiritual Programming Series

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Do you want to change institutional racism?

This small group program invites participants to formulate their own responses to racism in their workplaces, places of worship, and communities.

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Spirituality and Racial Justice will challenge your own thinking about racism, its causes, and its impact, while helping you discern practical steps to address it.

Program goals

Goals for Spirituality and Racial Justice: Changing Systems and Structures include:

Educate participants about systemic racism

Educate participants about key obstacles that perpetuate racism

Provide participants with practical tools for dismantling systemic racism


Spirituality & Racial Justice consists of an opening retreat, eight 2-hour sessions and an immersion experience.

Recommended group size: 8-15.

Framework & Session Topics

  • One-Day Retreat: Community-Building & Self-Reflection

  • Session 1: Introduction to the Racial Wealth Gap

  • Session 2: Addressing Racism in our Communities and Institutions

  • Session 3: Redlining and its Consequences: Confronting White Myths about “The Hood”

  • Session 4: Communities and Reentry

  • Session 5: Organizing for Change (Guest Speaker)

  • Session 6: The Reparations Debate

  • Immersion Experience (to be determined by the group)

  • Session 7: Mobilizing for Criminal Justice Reform

  • Session 8: Commitment to Action

Sessions include:

Meditation and mindfulness practices
Active listening
Relationship building
Videos/guest speaker

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An overview, sample session, and program booklet are available for free download.

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This program promotion kit contains a program booklet, a program image, a promo video, and other materials.

We believe strongly in making our programs inclusive and available to everyone

There is a one-time registration fee for the program. The registration fee includes:

Comprehensive materials for each session
Facilitation scripts, guidance, and training resources
Retreat and immersion guidance
Adaptations for virtual groups
Direct access to program staff for support

Books are an additional cost and titles will be sent via email from the facilitator.

To ensure our programs are not cost-prohibitive for anyone, all programs are offered on a sliding fee scale ranging from $35-$75.

We ask you to choose the registration fee tier that best aligns with your current financial situation. Paying on the higher end allows us to keep the program affordable for all.

If the $35 tier is difficult for you, please consider the program anyway. We ask that you decide what amount you can contribute as a commitment to the program, and send us an email at info@justfaith.org to learn about partial scholarship opportunities for the remainder amount.


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What our program participants are saying

What I have learned about Jim Crow, lynching, slavery by another name, does not let me forget and just walk away from injustice when there is something I can do.

I have been inspired and nourished by the Spirituality and Racial Justice meditative/mindfulness practices offered in this program and plan to continue to integrate them into my life. This spiritually inclusive module has provided me with a much needed common framework builder in our community to prepare us for the long haul anti racism work that must be continued in our communities to interrupt racist systems and structures.