Faith and Racial Justice: Changing Systems and Structures

Antiracism Series

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What are practical tools for seeking racial justice in our communities?

This small group program invites participants to formulate their own Christian-rooted responses to racism in their churches, workplaces, and communities.

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Faith and Racial Justice: Changing Systems and Structures gives participants the tools they need to address racism at a systemic level – whether they decide to work for criminal justice reform, advocate for fair housing, close the racial wealth gap, or end racism within the church.

In this faith-based program, small groups learn about key obstacles to racial justice that are embedded within our institutions, systems, and structures. They are then equipped to mobilize people and resources to dismantle those obstacles. Through a grounding in prayer, spiritual practice, and the Epistle of St. James, your group will leave the program ready to work for racial justice in your nation, local community, and the churches and institutions of which you are a part.

Before taking this small group program, we highly recommend taking one of JustFaith Ministries’ other racial justice programs, Faith and Racial Equity or Faith and Racial Healing. Both provide foundational information to understanding racist systems and structures. However, we leave it up to facilitators to decide what is best for their groups.

Program goals

Goals for Faith and Racial Justice: Changing Systems and Structures include:

Educate participants about systemic racism

Provide participants with practical tools for dismantling systemic racism

Provide biblical and spiritual foundation for dismantling systemic racism


Faith and Racial Justice: Changes Systems and Structures consists of 8 2-hour sessions and an immersion experience.

Recommended group size is 8-14.

Framework & Session Topics

  • One-Day Retreat: Community-Building & Self-Reflection

  • Session 1: Introduction to the Racial Wealth Gap

  • Session 2: The Wealth Gap and Its Consequences

  • Session 3: Redlining and Is Consequences

  • Session 4: Faith Communities and Reentry

  • Session 5: Addressing Racism in Our Faith Communities

  • Session 6: The Reparations Debate

  • Immersion Experience (to be determined by the group)

  • Session 7: Mobilizing for Criminal Justice Reform

  • Session 8: Commitment to Action

Sessions include:

Prayer and reflection
Discussion of reading
Videos & group activities
Spiritual practices
Integration of faith

Want to know more?

An overview, sample session, and program booklet are available for free download.

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This program promotion kit contains sample social media posts, bulletin announcements, email invitations, and more.

We believe strongly in making our programs inclusive and available to everyone

There are two registration options:

Option 1: Participants in the group pay their own registration fees: Participants pay individually based on a sliding fee scale of $35, $55, or $75/person. (There is no charge for up to two facilitators.) A minimum of 8 participants is strongly recommended. Scholarships are available for individuals.

Option 2: A church/organization pays the registration fee for all participants: When the group is set up, a church or organization will automatically be billed a flat rate of $280, covering up to 8 participants. For groups with more than 8 participants, the organization will be invoiced an additional $35 for each extra participant when the group begins.

The registration fee includes:

  • Comprehensive materials for each session
  • Facilitation scripts, guidance, and training resources
  • Retreat and immersion guidance
  • Adaptations for virtual groups
  • Direct access to program staff for support

Books are an additional cost and available for purchase in the bookstore.

To ensure our programs are not cost-prohibitive for anyone, all programs are offered on a sliding fee scale ranging from $35-$75.

We ask you to choose the registration fee tier that best aligns with your current financial situation. Paying on the higher end allows us to keep the program affordable for all.

If the $35 tier is difficult for you, please consider the program anyway. We ask that you decide what amount you can contribute as a commitment to the program, and send us an email at to learn about partial scholarship opportunities for the remainder amount.


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What our program participants are saying

It has been an honor to work with Rev. Kristin Dollar and the JustFaith Ministries Team to develop a module that boldly wades into the painful history of systemic racism. I sincerely believe the only way to build a better future is by creating partnerships across the lines of race that re-educate people about issues they were socialized to ignore. This module will provide what I call “new learning that transforms and informs” the kind of justice work that sets us on the path to healing and reconciliation.