Spirituality and Racial Healing:

Embracing Truth, Justice, and Restoration


Do you want to address racism but you don’t know where to begin?

This eight-week program guides participants in telling the truth about the history of racism in the United States, that we might work toward true restoration with one another.

Program Overview

Regardless of whether your group is new to the topic, or if you’ve already taken our first program on racial equity, Spirituality and Racial Healing: Embracing Truth, Justice, and Restoration will guide your small group in the difficult but necessary conversation about our history of racism in the United States.

Program Goals

Goals for Spirituality and Racial Healing include:


Two volunteer facilitators are needed for Spirituality and Racial Healing. JustFaith Ministries provides strong facilitation support.


Spirituality & Racial Healing: Embracing Truth, Justice, and Restoration consists of an opening retreat, eight 2-hour sessions and an immersion experience.


There are three books used in the Spirituality and Racial Healing program – all available through our JustFaith Ministries Bookstore.

Program Promotion

A comprehensive set of program promotion materials are provided.


The registration fee for Spirituality and Racial Healing is $250 plus books/resources for participants. If you’d prefer each participant to pay a small registration fee on a sliding scale, email Susan Chapman at [email protected] to set up your group’s individual registration process.


What They’re Saying

Jane P.
“The knowledge that I gained has better positioned me to take action in my own community to work towards fostering an atmosphere for honest and often uncomfortable conversations that must be had.”
Gay W.
“This course has put race out in front of my awareness. I now see it everywhere, hidden in movies, newspaper articles, conversations. Somehow in the past, I didn't always notice, or was concerned about it, compared to how I am now. Reading books about race from the perspective of black authors has been especially meaningful.”

Register Your Group

Program Registration


Program Includes:

  • Comprehensive materials and session guides
  • Facilitation guidance
  • Retreat and Immersion guidance
  • Adaptations for virtual groups
  • Direct access to program staff for support
  • 12-month access to program materials
  • $75 discount if buying all three programs in this series at once (use coupon code racialjustice2022 at checkout)

When you register, you have 2 options:

  • If you want to register your entire group for a flat rate of $250, click the “Register Now” button below.
  • If you’d prefer each participant to pay a small registration fee on a sliding scale, email Susan Chapman at [email protected] to set up your group’s individual registration process.
  • Coming soon!
    In order to make our programs accessible to everyone, our new website will only feature the individual registration model with a sliding scale (second option above)

Books & Resources
for Group Participants

Participant books/resources are sold separately through our JustFaith Ministries Bookstore. The cost for the books used in Spirituality and Racial Healing is approximately $57/person. Note that there may be a small additional fee for an occasional video purchase.

In order to save shipping and the environment, JustFaith Ministries ships books to groups (not to individuals).

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to take the racial justice programs in a particular order?

We recommend doing Spirituality and Racial Equity or Spirituality and Racial Healing before you do Spirituality and Racial Justice.

I’m a person of color. Should I take this program?

In order to dismantle the norms, laws, and policies that prop up racial injustice, we must first identify and understand them. Most of us did not learn this information in school, regardless of our racial background. By filling in these important educational gaps and working with your group to create an action plan, the racial justice series can provide you with the tools, knowledge, and support you need to work for change more effectively. In addition, we’ve received feedback that some people of color find it affirming to read and talk about the reality of racism and know they are not alone in their experiences.

On the other hand, there may be White members of your group who express denial, anger, and/or grief as they come face-to-face with the reality of racism. Witnessing these reactions can be deeply painful and even re-traumatizing. While the program contains extensive facilitator training and group guidelines for healthy dialogue, JustFaith Ministries unfortunately cannot fully guarantee that these guidelines will be upheld. For this reason, we encourage prospective participants of color to carefully discern whether this program is a good fit for them. If at any point during the program you must withdraw, let us know so that we can address your concerns and reimburse your registration contribution.

What if our group is all White?

People of color often have the burden of teaching White people about racism. That’s a lot of pressure! For this reason, we designed these materials for small groups of any demographic. Experts of color have guided the JustFaith Ministries staff in choosing books, videos, and articles that highlight voices of color and speak truth about the reality of racism in our country.

Should one or both of the facilitators be a person of color?

Groups that are all White do not necessarily need a person of color as a co-facilitator. However, if your group is diverse, we recommend one of the facilitators be a person of color.

What religion(s) is Spirituality and Racial Healing based on?

Spirituality and Racial Healing is not based on any one specific religion or denomination. It is designed for a more broadly spiritual audience. Those who are unaffiliated with a church or religious tradition or who identify as “spiritual but not religious” will find the program content relevant and meaningful. This version of the program may also resonate with an interfaith audience. Meditative practices at the beginning and end of each session provide a spiritual foundation for the program. These practices draw from Hindu and Buddhist practices of mindfulness but do not arise from any one particular religious tradition. (A specifically Christian version of “Spirituality and Racial Healing” is also available).

How do we talk about racism without causing a split in our workplaces and communities?

We believe in speaking truth and standing in solidarity with marginalized communities, even when there’s real risk involved. However, one of the primary reasons JustFaith Ministries developed this program is because we are well-aware of the tension around this issue and that a botched attempt at conversation or training can cause more harm than good. Spirituality and Racial Healing will teach your community the skills they need to engage in important conversations with deep listening and mutual respect. Also, this program comes with a facilitator training webinar, as well as live facilitation support. After having completed Spirituality and Racial Healing, you can not only expect your group to have grown closer, but also to be better equipped to have hard conversations around any issue, no matter the subject matter.

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