Sacred Land: Food and Farming

(Eco-Justice Series Program One)


How do we care for our common home?

Sacred Land: Food and Farming, the first program in JustFaith Ministries’ Eco-justice Series, explores our connection to the land and our responsibility for it.

Program Overview

Small groups learn how food and farming practices affect the climate crisis, marginalized communities, and their own health and spiritual wellbeing. Participants explore practical ways to implement sustainable food and farming practices in the communities and the institutions of which they’re a part.

Program Goals

Goals for Sacred Land: Food and Farming include:


Two volunteer facilitators are needed for Sacred Land: Food and Farming. JustFaith Ministries provides strong facilitation support.


Sacred Land: Food and Farming consists of eight 2-hour sessions and an immersion experience.


There are three books used in Sacred Land: Food and Farming – available through our JustFaith Ministries Bookstore.

Program Promotion

A comprehensive set of program promotion materials are provided.


The registration fee for Sacred Land: Food and Farming is $250 plus books/resources for participants. If you would like your participants to pay their own registration fee, please reach out to Susan Chapman at [email protected].


What They’re Saying

Meghan Caplan
Louisville, KY
“We live in a society that has forgotten its sacred connection to the Earth. As the climate crisis advances we must actively discern our responsibility not only to this planet, but to the marginalized communities disproportionately affected by it. I was so inspired to see JustFaith Ministries tackle this timely subject in Sacred Land: Food and Farming. The program challenges not only your personal accountability, but explores ways you can advocate for sustainable practices that impact the community around you. ”
JoAnn Braegelman
St. Cloud, MN
“As inhabitants of our beautiful planet, we have lost that important and sacred connection to the earth as it houses and sustains us. I love how these sessions help to reawaken that connection and bring a greater awareness to the issues around the land we rely on for food, the air that we breathe, and the water that sustains all life. Not only do they create a greater awareness of the effects of climate change, they also encourage spiritual growth and challenge our complacency. By bringing to light the deeply connected justice issues around climate change such as migration, poverty, food insecurity and health concerns of those living on the margins, participants are challenged to explore their own responses and advocate for more sustainable ways of living both locally and globally. This is a great series and I would encourage everyone to participate!”

Register Your Group

Program Registration


Program Includes:

  • Comprehensive materials and session guides
  • Facilitation guidance
  • Retreat and Immersion guidance
  • Adaptations for virtual groups
  • Direct access to program staff for support

When you register, you have 2 options:

  • If you want to register your entire group for a flat rate of $250, click the “Register Now” button below.
  • If you’d prefer each participant to pay a small registration fee on a sliding scale, email Susan Chapman at [email protected] to set up your group’s individual registration process.
  • Coming soon!
    In order to make our programs accessible to everyone, our new website will only feature the individual registration model with a sliding scale (second option above).

Books & Resources
for Group Participants

Participant books/resources are sold separately through our JustFaith Ministries Bookstore. The cost for the books used in Sacred Land: Food and Farming is approximately $48/person. Note that there may be a small additional fee for an occasional video purchase.

In order to save shipping and the environment, JustFaith Ministries ships books to groups (not to individuals).

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