GoodNewsPeople is a dynamic, parish-wide faith formation program that explores and deepens the call to discipleship.

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How do we live as Good News in our broken world?

GoodNewsPeople is a dynamic parish-wide faith formation program of JustFaith Ministries that offers a way to engage Catholics seeking to deepen their understanding and practice of their faith. Through an engaging small-group process of prayer, reflection, and action, GoodNewsPeople explores and deepens our call to discipleship.  

GoodNewsPeople inspires us to share our collective wisdom and share in leadership. It helps create vision and encourages us to let the Holy Spirit guide us as best we can. It challenges us as a parish community to take seriously Jesus’ mission of bringing Good News to the poor.

– Fr. Charles R., Claremont, CA

Engage in your Catholic faith

Each session incorporates Sacred Scripture, inspirational readings and reflections, Church teaching, stories of faith, and the cultivation of virtue.

Inspire Mercy

Participants explore the possibilities of a faithful commitment to be “good news to the poor.” It is an opportunity to explore the message of Christ and proclaim Christ anew.

Open your hearts to a greater Love

Through the witness of Jesus in the Gospels and everyday people who have chosen the path of love, the program kindles new passion and engagement in the Church’s mission to be Good News.

Program Overview

GoodNewsPeople is designed for multiple small groups in a parish. A coordinator organizes the effort for a parish, and each small group is facilitated by two co-facilitators.


GoodNewsPeople includes fourteen 2-hour sessions, broken into two seasons of seven sessions. Each session includes prayer, lectio divina, dialogue, and sharing Good News Stories.


Participants purchase a binder containing the readings and questions with space for journal-writing. The DVD offers more heart-opening stories of “good news people”. The most important resource is the community formed through this process.


Focusing on the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, an Immersion Experience makes the connection between love and justice by sending participants to places in their community where faith, hope, and love in action are alive.

Unique Components

The Kick-off and Good News Gala frame the process and bring all GoodNewsPeople participants together. These events offer the opportunity to celebrate community, both within the parish and expanding beyond its confines.

GoodNewsPeople Overview and Sample Purchase a Binder Review Copy

What They’re Saying

Helen O.
Seattle, WA
“The GoodNewsPeople program has been life-changing not only for our parishioners but for our parish! The combination of prayer, faith-sharing, study, and the focus on charity and advocacy has helped people to grow in their Catholic faith and to live it out in ways that are faithful to the Gospel. ”
Tim S.
Harlan, IA
“GoodNewsPeople tells great stories of ordinary people that have lived their faith in their daily lives. The sessions generate great discussions; it challenges us to put our faith in action, and to truly become Good News People.”
Richard N. and Gayle N.
Melbourne, FL
“The GoodNewsPeople program has been a wonderful opportunity for discipleship. Participants have become more aware of their personal gifts and ways to connect their gifts to the needs of the community. Through the program we have witnessed faith deepened, eyes opened to the purpose of Jesus in our world, and ways to live that out. ”

GoodNewsPeople was a booster shot for the personal faith journeys of parishioners. Parishioners have a deeper connection to the parish. They have the encouragement they need to go out and serve and are inspired to do something, both inside and outside the parish.

– Deacon Don W., East Aurora, NY


Affordable Pricing for Groups

GoodNewsPeople 2017-18


Program Includes:

  • Comprehensive materials that outline program coordination
  • Kick-off and GoodNews Gala
  • Immersion Guidance
  • Direct access to program staff for support

Other program costs include a facilitator binder for each small group facilitator $30; a participant binder for each participant $25; a GNP DVD $10.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of commitment is recommended from the pastor and the church?

Full support of the pastor and parish staff can make this an exciting, enriching, momentum-building experience for your parish community. Such a commitment includes the following:

  • the pastor’s buy-in (promotion from the pulpit and invitation to parishioners)
  • promotion and implementation of the program in its entirety
  • facilitators to lead small groups
  • a facilitation training session offered by the parish (program materials include an outline for training)
  • multiple small groups
  • evaluation of the program

Who would benefit most from this program?

This program is a holistic adult faith formation program focusing on discipleship, different from the more intensive justice-oriented JustFaith program. It is designed for people who have never completed JustFaith.

Those who want to explore their call to discipleship within the context of a small faith-sharing group would be ideally suited for this program. Those with a long involvement in social ministry find that the program refreshes their work and re-energizes them. Those who are newer to social ministry or unfamiliar with it find that they learn a great deal and also deepen their spirituality.

How can people who have completed the JustFaith program fit into GoodNewsPeople?

People who have completed the JustFaith program would make great facilitators for GoodNewsPeople. The program is newer than JustFaith and there is no redundancy between the two programs.  People who have completed JustFaith could also be connecters to other JustFaith Ministries programs for those who are interested in continuing further in their journey.

What is required of facilitators?

Facilitators are not expected to be the expert or “teacher” with all the answers.

Guided by user-friendly materials and with support from JustFaith Ministries staff (as needed), GoodNewsPeople facilitators:

  • gather materials, coordinate logistics, and prepare to facilitate a session
  • express a genuine interest in the social mission of the Church
  • are capable of overseeing a group conversation
  • are attentive to the needs and energies of the group

JustFaith Ministries provides both an online facilitator training and a meeting template for an in-person training for all facilitators in a parish. This in-person training is highly recommended, particularly if many facilitators are new.

Can we run the program a second or third year?

By building a broad parish base over multiple years, the possibility of transformation grows. Offering the program in consecutive years continues the momentum and expands the base of common understanding within the parish. Additionally, groups that participate one year may opt to pick up another JustFaith Ministries program in subsequent years to keep small faith-sharing communities flourishing in the parish.

Do program registration costs cover the full cost of the program?

No.  Program fees and resources provide only about 25% of the cost of program development and maintenance. The majority of the cost of each program is provided by generous donations from past program participants. We are also sustained by the support of our partner organizations and grants. JustFaith Ministries relies on these partners to make sure all programs are affordable for churches, organizations, and individuals who want to participate in our mission.

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