EngagingSpirituality is a spiritual deepening process for adult Christians bringing the power of the Holy Spirit to bear upon the needs of our world. Participants reflect on the wisdom teachings of our tradition as they prayerfully break open their lives.

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Out to the light

Nurtured by the spiritual practices of centering, prayerful listening, spiritual reading, and outreach, participants seek to apply the teachings of Jesus to the struggles of our world.

Into the dark

Reflecting on the wisdom of contemporary spiritual leaders, participants make space to enter into suffering and darkness with a listening heart.

Down to earth

Grounded in the Beatitudes, participants explore the power of blessing, becoming a humble, transforming presence in this blessed and broken world.

Program Overview

Groups are co-facilitated by two participants from the group. JustFaith Ministries creates rich, reflective resources that allow co-facilitators to open a sacred space for participants to listen and share from the heart.


EngagingSpirituality comprises twenty-one 2½-hour sessions, located in a space suited to the intimacy of quiet prayer and reflection. Every session includes Centering Prayer, guided meditation, lectio divina (sacred reading), dialogue, and the deepening of relationships.


Central to this process is the Spirit-stirring that is revealed through the depth of sharing in each small community. Participants read five spiritual texts, maintain a prayer journal, reflect on the wisdom of 25 spiritual teachers, and view three inspiring DVDs. Click here for the book list.


Each of the three phases of this process is marked by a retreat or immersion experience. This includes a one-day Immersion and a one-day Justice Pilgrimage to local sites. During these “retreats on the street,” participants awaken to the wonders and bear witness to the wounds of the world around them.

Unique Components

Opening and Commissioning Retreats frame this process. These include three uniquely commissioned essays. Each gathering includes a Bearings Letter: the personal testimony of an author, teacher, contemplative, or activist. All participants create and share their own “Bearings” testimony.

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What They’re Saying

Eileen W.
El Paso, TX
“Everyone shared how much EngagingSpirituality has touched their lives. We all agreed that we can't stop here - that this is not just another program or retreat that we attended. We want to keep open our prayer space and grow in our relationship with God and we also want to be disturbed, to live a gospel life.”
Ed B.
Cheyenne, WY
“EngagingSpirituality was 21 weeks of amazing gifts. I have an ever-deepening awareness of God’s presence in myself as well as in the vulnerable ones around me. Each session was an invitation to explore ancient ways of connecting more fully with my Creator through prayer and in service. I have become more peaceful, mellow, and present with others. I’m blessed by how and where the Spirit has led me.”
Christine S.
Boise, ID
“You have no idea the impact of this program on me, and the people here... The hunger for silence and contemplation is vast…especially now having experienced it and lived it.”

Before EngagingSpirituality, I think I was always working from my own agenda. I am disciplining myself to practice contemplative prayer and intentional listening that may help me honor God’s wild dream first.

– Teresa S., Virginia Beach, VA


Affordable Pricing for Groups

2019-20 program materials available July 1st.



Program Includes:

  • Comprehensive materials and session guides
  • Facilitation guidance
  • Retreat and Immersion guidance
  • Direct access to program staff for support

Other program costs include books and a prayer journal for participants with an estimated total cost of $92/person.  Groups purchase three DVDs for an estimated cost of $63.

EngagingSpirituality 2019-20

Available in our bookstore

Still in The Storm: Reflections for Engaging Spirituality in times like these

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes EngagingSpirituality different from other spiritual programs?

EngagingSpirituality picks up the trajectory of Jesus’ prophetic ministry and mission.  It calls participants to engage injustice with a spirit of compassion, opening their lives to Gospel-based justice and peace. It invokes the disturbing and unsettling Holy Spirit that rouses people from complacency. It demands a willingness to cultivate a wider and more tender heart, an open mind, and a deeper connection to struggling people and vulnerable life.

Who leads EngagingSpirituality and what are the qualities of a facilitator?

Guided by a comprehensive script (written for two voices) and outlines for every gathering, two or more co-facilitators lead the group through this process.  This process hinges on a team of co-facilitators who hold open a sacred space for prayerful listening and sharing. The most important quality of a co-facilitator is a desire and willingness to listen and be led.

How are facilitators supported during the process?

Session materials provide detailed step-by-step guidance for every aspect of this process and JustFaith Ministries staff is also available, as needed.

How large should a group be?

The optimum size for an EngagingSpirituality group is 8–10 people (including facilitators).

How often do groups meet?

Most groups meet weekly.  Some meet every other week.

Do registration fees cover the full cost of creating and maintaining the program?

No. Program fees and resources provide only about 25% of the cost of program development and maintenance. The majority of the cost of each program is provided by generous donations from past program participants. We are also sustained by the support of our partner organizations and grants. JustFaith Ministries relies on these partners to make sure all programs are affordable for churches, organizations, and individuals who want to participate in our mission.

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