The Very Good Gospel

Lisa Sharon Harper

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Product Description

“On these pages, the Garden of Eden meets the world we live in.”
– Shane Claiborne, activist and author
God once declared everything in the world “very good.”
Can you imagine it?

Through careful exploration of the biblical text, particularly the first three chapters of Genesis, Lisa Sharon Harper shows us what “very good” can look like today—in real time.
Shalom is what God declared. Shalom is what the Kingdom of God looks like. Shalom is when all people are treated equitably and have enough. It’s when families are healed. It’s when churches, schools, and public policies protect human dignity.
Shalom is when the image of God is recognized, protected, and cultivated in every single human. It is the vision God set forth in the Garden and the restoration God desires for every broken relationship. Shalom is the “very good” in the gospel.
Because despite our anxious minds, despite divisions, and despite threats of violence, God’s vision remains: wholeness for a fragmented world. Peace for a hurting soul. Shalom.

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Print length 240 pages
Publication date June 20, 2016
ISBN-10 1601428588
ISBN-13 978-1601428585