The Compassion Book: Lessons from The Compassion Course

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Thom Bond is a thought leader, author, activist, and founder of The New York Center for Nonviolent Communication (NYCNVC). He has created a worldwide movement, with an innovative global approach to peacemaking and mediation. His teachings are spreading throughout the world, bringing new hope to people in search of a practical path to a more peaceful and sustainable existence, on both a personal and social level.

Thom is the author of The Compassion Book: Lessons From The Compassion Course (Second Edition) — released on December 3, 2018, “Shifting Toward Compassion” (, “64 Days for Peace” an online, self-led curriculum. He is best known as the creator and leader of The Compassion Course, a comprehensive online training, based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg, Werner Erhard, and Albert Ellis. In eight years, over 19,000 people have participated in the course. It continues to grow in numbers and global reach, with a current roster of over 6,000 participants from over 110 countries, in four languages.

Thom Bond is the founder and director of The New York Center for Nonviolent Communication (NYCNVC). Before starting the NYCNVC in 2004, Thom’s professional work-life began in the 1980’s creating inter-industry partnerships between established manufacturing companies and emerging energy and information technology companies, specializing in “smart-building” technology.

Thom’s work is based on his years studying and teaching with Marshall Rosenberg. In his book and in his course, Thom has been able articulate and share the underlying consciousness that is the basis of Marshall’s work, known as Nonviolent Communication (NVC). This “mindful” approach has expanded on Rosenberg’s original teaching method that used a “speech model” as a teaching method.

The first edition of the book has been embraced globally.

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Publication date November 19, 2018
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