Personal Nonviolence: A Practical Spirituality for Peacemakers

Gerard Vanderhaar

Categories:   Cultivating Nonviolence

Product Description

Spirituality is aligning our innermost being with the Way of the Cosmos. It’s our effort to get our total beings right, ultimately right, or at least as right as we can at this time in our lives given everything we know. For those trying to live lives deeply influenced by Jesus of Nazareth, a spirituality based on active nonviolence is in harmony with his life and teachings. It is both a guide and support in times of stress, turmoil, terrorism, fear, and uncertainty.

In this book, a compilation of much of his decades-long work on nonviolence, Vanderhaar explains how a spirituality of nonviolence provides methods and guidance in everyday activities such as speech, leadership, and dealing with difficult people or even those who might be seen as enemies. He outlines how this spirituality helps us to understand both our gifts and our shortcomings and to deal with the challenges of life in the twenty-first century. Understanding nonviolence can guide peacemakers to a practical spirituality based on the nonviolent Christ, our guide and inspiration.

Additional Information

Print length 154 pages
Publication date August 11, 2015
ISBN-13 9781725235939