Brave Souls: Experiencing the Audacious Power of Empathy

Belinda Bauman

Categories:   Faith and Poverty: A Global Response Series:   Catholic Programming

Product Description

What if empathy could save us? Belinda Bauman was living a comfortable life as a wife, mother, and nonprofit leader―but her soul was checked out. Then she met Esperance. An assault survivor living in one of the poorest, most dangerous countries in the world, Esperance and other Congolese women shared their harrowing stories with Belinda. Their vulnerability set Belinda on a path of embracing empathy. If Esperance could love in the face of so much pain, maybe there is hope for the world too. From the top of Mount Kilimanjaro to the borders of war-torn Syria, Belinda takes readers along her journey to empathy. With cutting-edge neuroscience, biblical parables, and stories of brave women from across the globe, she offers readers direction for seeing others’ perspectives, listening well, and redeeming conflict. She casts a vision for lives and communities transformed by everyday Christians practicing empathy as a spiritual discipline. Join Belinda on a journey to be brave―and see your world changed.

Additional Information

Print length 224 pages
Publication date April 2, 2019
ISBN-10 0830845666
ISBN-13 978-0830845668