What do you see?

JFM Logo with logo pattern background

JustFaith Ministries has been hard at work updating our “look,” and reflecting on who we are as an organization. We still offer the same social justice programs for small groups that you have come to know and love. We still have a robust JustFaith Network where you can connect with other folks around the country who have taken our programs. And we still create meaningful and action-driven events every month so you can hear from speakers around the country on social justice topics.

But we have also recently gone through a deliberate, thoughtful process to better define our vision, mission, and values. The new logo is a direct reflection of that work. JustFaith Ministries creates transformative programs that inspire action to address the root causes of injustice while serving with love, and envisions justice-driven communities advancing peace, racial equity, and a sustainable world.

We replaced our old logo, because the new symbol better represented the core values needed so desperately in these times. Whether you see a labyrinth, intersecting paths, points of contact, a roadmap or a cross, it invites you on a journey to learn about yourself, the people and planet around you, and discern how you will create action toward a better world. What are these core values?

Love of Neighbor

JustFaith Ministries believes following Jesus’s teachings on justice and love of neighbor is the key to creating a world where no one lacks basic needs, and where racism, classism, and all forms of discrimination are eliminated. Spirit-led people and communities are called to love and walk in solidarity with those oppressed or marginalized to co-create this more just, equitable and sustainable world.

Spiritual Transformation

JustFaith Ministries believes that spiritual transformation is a critical element of our commitment to love, justice, peace, and mercy. This Spirit-led, life-long commitment to growth includes dialogue with others and aligns our spirituality with our everyday actions.

Racial Equity

JustFaith Ministries believes that, to achieve racial equity, we must recognize and eradicate structural racism, which is at the core of economic, political, and social oppression.


JustFaith Ministries believes we are called both to act justly as individuals and to strive to build a world where all are treated justly and equitably.


JustFaith Ministries believes peacemaking is a deeply held moral conviction that requires finding alternatives to unjust power structures. Averting conflict through non-violence and promoting peace requires persistence, discipline, and courage to build a society that honors all life.

Environmental Stewardship

JustFaith Ministries believes climate change is an existential threat to humanity and all creation. Its catastrophic consequences are being felt today around the globe and fall disproportionately on those who are powerless and disenfranchised. The solution requires all individuals, communities, and countries to move in solidarity toward an environmentally sustainable world.

Community Building

JustFaith Ministries believes building small communities is a powerful vehicle for the health and strengthening of all our relationships and serves the larger community. These small communities provide a forum where the Spirit enables our personal, social, and spiritual transformation as we strive to bring about social change.

When you look at our new logo, that’s what we want you to see!

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