JustFaith Ministries programs are carefully crafted, annually revised, and highly rewarding processes designed to inspire, inform, motivate and transform groups and individuals.

Our programs are not simply formation curriculum provided to groups. They are processes that require the attention and guidance of dedicated program facilitators and, ideally, the support of a church community.  We offer step-by-step resources to get you started and dedicated staff to support you throughout the process.   Here are some simple steps to get you thinking. Please contact us at any point for help and resources.

1. Identify your Host Group

JustFaith Ministries programs are typically hosted by a church, a parish, or a community group.  Host groups may offer a program as part of annual formation or education, or in order to inspire specific social ministry.  Host groups sometimes pay the registration fee and purchase any videos associated with the program – although sometimes participants share this cost – and may provide meeting space or other support for the program.

2. Form a Planning Team

It is helpful to assemble two or three people who commit to working together to form, promote, implement, and follow up on the program. These people are almost always also participants in the program. The group will do important work including choosing two co-facilitators for each program and recruiting participants.

3. Promote the program in your church or community

We will provide you with resources for effective program promotion (informational meeting template, sample bulletin announcement, and flyers).  The best way to promote is to personally invite people to join in this journey with you.