Chris Breu, Senior Advisor

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Chris is a Senior Advisor to JustFaith Ministries. She brings to her current role eight years of direct work on the JustFaith program and six years as Director of Charitable Giving for the organization.  Chris has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Marian University and a Master of Nursing Science degree from UCLA.  Prior to coming to JustFaith Ministries she taught at UCLA for ten years and was a healthcare administrator for fifteen years.  Chris has experience in the areas of education, curriculum development, and small not for profit administration.  She also provided volunteer nursing support at a low income community agency for fifteen years.

Jack Jezreel, Senior Advisor

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Jack is the original author of JustFaith, founder of JustFaith Ministries and was the first Executive Director of the organization. Prior to that, he spent five years in a Catholic Worker community working with men and women who were homeless and, after that, divided his time between faith-based justice education and organic agriculture. He holds a B.A. in Philosophy and Religion and a Master of Divinity degree from Notre Dame. He and his spouse Maggie have been married for 32 years and have three adult daughters. Jack is a popular speaker and author of the book, A New Way to Be Church: Parish Renewal from the Outside In. His work now focuses on presentations, workshops and training to introduce JustFaith programs and local leadership & networking.

Maggie Jezreel,  Director of Charitable Giving

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Maggie is delighted to serve JustFaith Ministries in her role as Director of Charitable Giving. She previously managed the online bookstore and served as Outreach and Engagement Associate at JFM.  She has been married to Jack Jezreel, founder of JustFaith, for 30 years:  this means she has been around JustFaith from its inception.  She has the great pleasure of having met many of the amazing facilitators and board members who have brought the mission of JustFaith to life, and has been inspired over and over by their dedication and zeal for justice and peace. She looks forward to connecting with many of you in the future!

Micah Hammontree, Data Manager

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Micah is the Data Manager at JustFaith Ministries.  She is responsible for maintaining and overseeing data integration into the JustFaith Ministries database and the analysis and reporting of JFM datasets.  Micah has a Bachelor of Science in Geography from the University of Louisville.   Prior to joining the team at JustFaith, Micah worked as a data analyst and database manager at the Network Center for Community Change.

Muriel Schmid, Director of Programs

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As Director of Programs, Muriel will facilitate and coordinate the creation and maintenance of JFM programming and content.  She describes herself as a “Christian theologian who believes in a living Gospel that speaks to today’s challenges to social justice.”  She has a PhD in Theology and a M.A. in New Testament Studies and is an ordained minister in the Swiss Reformed (Presbyterian) Church.  Prior to coming to JustFaith, she taught Religious Studies at the University of Utah for 10 years and most recently worked as Program Director for Christian Peacemaker Teams.  Muriel is also on the Kentucky court roster as a mediator.

Pat Reeves, Business Manager

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As Business Manager, Pat ensures the smooth running of the JustFaith Ministries office and business functions. She has a degree in accounting and has worked for various organizations in the Louisville area in both the bookkeeping arena and in management.   Pat is highly organized, but attributes her highest level of success as raising three socially-just mindful daughters with her husband of 40 years, Jeff.  She completed  the JustFaith program in 1992.

Susan Chapman, Registration and Resource Manager

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Susan’s job responsibilities at JustFaith Ministries include oversight of the bookstore, website and website content as well as the program registration process. Susan enjoys using her skills to help people connect and use their gifts in the world. She has an engineering degree and psychology minor from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and certifications in life, career, and relationship coaching.

Susie Tierney, Executive Director and Director of Organizing

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Susie supports JustFaith Ministries’ program facilitators and helps with local organizing and promotion of programs.  She has coordinated efforts to promote and encourage participation in the JustFaith Ministries programs in the Des Moines area since 2003 and across Iowa since 2008.

Susie is a graduate of the Education for Ministry program through Sewanee University School of Theology, but her education and experience has come through her previous work as a Pastoral Minister in a Catholic parish; a food pantry site manager/volunteer coordinator; and a workshop presenter on poverty and justice. In her spare time, Susie enjoys spending time with family – especially her 3 yr. old son and 2 yr. old foster-daughter – and writing poetry.