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JustFaith is a  process that provides a context in which participants can grow in their commitment to care for vulnerable people and become advocates for justice. During this extended formation and justice education process, groups employ books, videos, guest speakers, discussion, prayer, retreats and hands-on experiences. Participants also form a community and share a journey of faith and compassion that is life-giving and challenging. JustFaith is available in two versions – JustFaith Catholic, and JustFaith designed for Christian denominations and ecumenical groups.

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JusticeWalking is a “discipleship journey” that forms small communities of young adults as they experiment with living the gospel message and realize the social implications of our faith. Key to this process are the relationships created within each J-Walking community and those they encounter at the margins of our society. Through prayer, retreats, reading, dialogue, and encounters, J-Walkers broaden their circle of awareness and expose their lives to the compassionate spirit of gospel justice.

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In 2015, JustFaith Ministries is revising and promoting modules that allow small faith communities to explore prison reform, Christian-Muslim dialogue, and immigration in a prayerful environment that invites personal transformation.  Modules range from eight to twelve weeks.



EngagingSpirituality is a 21-week spiritual deepening process for adult Christians who are seeking to bring the power of the Holy Spirit to bear upon the needs of our world. We all hunger for intimacy, with our Maker and our neighbor. EngagingSpirituality invites small groups of concerned Christians to look at the world together and enter deeply into the critical realties of our day as they break open their lives. EngagingSpritiuality encourages us to BE STILL and STILL BE in the storms of life that surround us.

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GoodNewsPeople is a dynamic parish-wide faith formation program that offers a means to engage parishioners during the Jubilee Year of Mercy declared by Pope Francis. Through an engaging small-group process of prayer, reflection, and action, GoodNewsPeople explores and deepens our call to discipleship.  GoodNewsPeople is a fourteen-session program designed for multiple small groups within a parish.