Thank You.

When you make a donation to JustFaith Ministries, your support allows more people to hear the call for compassion for our vulnerable brothers and sisters, to work for change, and to hasten the coming of God’s reign.

Your Gifts Have Impact

Your gift results in JustFaith Ministries participants becoming engaged and involved in all areas of social need.  This includes more hands and hearts working on affordable housing, ending hunger, encouraging fair trade, addressing immigration, ending human trafficking and much more. Your gift means that hearts are changing and the world can change.

2015 Donors

In 2015, just over 900 people provided the charitable gifts that sustained this ministry, allowing facilitators and participants to journey together through one of our programs. Thank you. We can’t say it enough.  Thank You.

Because you give, over 8,000 people have taken a JustFaith program in the last two years.  And those 8,000 people multiply your gifts as they go out to feed the hungry, visit the imprisoned and the lonely, reduce their own personal consumption, and increase their giving to organizations that care for the vulnerable, the poor, and the Earth.  And so much more.

Program registrations and books sales provide only about 24% of what it costs to produce, maintain, and distribute programs that support and sustain people of faith living lives of extraordinary compassion. We simply cannot do this work without you!

2015 Donor List: This list includes all donations between January 1, 2015 and December 31st 2015.

Ways to Give

Make a one-time donation

One-time payment by credit card

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You can also send a one-time donation by mail to:

JustFaith Ministries
P.O. Box 221348
Louisville KY 40252-1348.

Honor or Memorial Giving

You can direct any gift in memory of a loved one, a special anniversary, or in honor of a friend, family member, or colleague. Please indicate your wish on the donation form above when you make your gift.