These are voices from the JustFaith Ministries community.

I am the mother of a disabled child who has grown into a capable, yet very challenged young man. I have always been a person of faith, but I’ve not been involved in “big” projects within the faith community as my son’s needs are quite involved and require much of my time and attention. In the last couple of years, as my son has gained independence and matured, I have felt called by the Lord to go forward in my faith journey, and I have felt a restlessness in recent years to do more. But where could I begin? Well, in September of 2009, I answered God’s call to commit to the Just Faith Program. It felt like it was the right time in my life, and I felt God’s hands gently pushing me forward to grow in my faith, my family, my church, my community. The program ended just a few weeks ago, and now I am continuing my journey of faith and service. My most important job in this world will always be to serve and care for my son. But I am being called to do more and more each day, and JustFaith has given me the confidence, knowledge, and focus to hear God’s call. Attending immigration rallies, writing to my legislators, serving members of my church and community, continuing to teach English for Speakers of Other Languages to new immigrants, these are the things I am called to do, many of which I can do with my family! As my life unfolds each day, I look forward to seeing where God is in every person whom I meet, every person whom I serve, and, ultimately, the abounding blessings every person I serve bring to me! (Linda Bailey Mendoza)

Among other things, the JustFaith process has given me a deeper commitment to serve and advocate for the poor and marginalized in our community. In listening to the stories of those who are political asylees or undocumented immigrants, those who are recovering from drugs or leaving jail, my heart has often been “broken open” as I recognized our human vulnerabilities and common humanity. I have been brought to a deeper place of hope because of the courage, strength, deep faith and trust in God that I have often encountered among those who our society often marginalizes. (Karen Simon)

Through JustFaith I have developed a greater awareness of how excessive consumption in the U.S. is tied to an unequal distribution of the world’s resources, global poverty and hunger. I now do my best to consider whether the corporations I support with my purchases act responsibly on a range of social issues, and to reduce my consumption so that others may have enough. (Jenny Halsiki)

JustFaith has taught me to use my voice, even if it’s quivering, to never stop speaking for those who are suffering under injustice and to not come with judgment, but with an open hand and heart to learn and to show true compassion to others who are different than I. (Josi Malcon)