Do you want to change institutional racism? Spirituality and Racial Justice: Changing Systems and Structures is an eight-session program that encourages new spiritual practices and informed action, and cultivates an expanding community of individuals who work to dismantle racism in their respective contexts. (Note: This program is designed for a more broadly spiritual audience. An alternative version is available for those aligned with Christian churches.)

There is no cost to register for this group, but participants are expected to provide feedback on their experience throughout the program and by filling out an end of program evaluation.

The books for this program can be found here.

JustFaith Ministries is a national organization whose mission and vision is to build a more just, equitable and peaceful world. Through small group programs we invite learning and inspire action around contemporary social issues. While the majority of our programs are Christian-based, we have versions of our programs that are designed for a more broadly spiritual audience, to inspire action regardless of any particular religion or spiritual affiliation.

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