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Your Vote is Your Voice
Thursday, September 29
7:00 pm ET/4:00pm PT

Join us for the second of our two-part collaboration with NETWORK (check out the recording of Part I).  This month’s topic is “Your Vote Is Your Voice: Deepening Your Commitment to Voting and Our Democracy.”  Network staff members Sr. Emily TeKolste, SP and Colin Martinez Longmore will lead the session.

This workshop on spirit-filled participation in the 2022 Election will take a deeper dive into how you can put your faith into action this election season. First, multi-issue Catholic voters will share the results of their “homework” from the previous workshop: to have conversations with people they have relationships with who have different opinions than they hold. How did those conversations go? What was learned? Sr. Emily and Colin will then equip participants with ways they can deepen their engagement, including writing Letters to the Editor and joining GOTV efforts in their communities.

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