JustMatters Modules are designed to allow small groups to explore critical current issues within the context of the Gospels and the life and example of Jesus. In a world that is too quick to encourage rhetoric that divides us from one another, these experiences cultivate genuine dialogue, contemplative prayer, and community.

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How do we understand and address major issues of our day?

Each JustMatters module offers an opportunity for people of faith to engage in an in-depth exploration of a specific, current social issue and to engage in action related to the module topic.

JustMatters modules keep us engaged, form new and powerful communities around current social justice issues, call each person to new engagement on critical issues in the national and local community, and create new relationships and friendships within the church.

– Deacon Bill T., Springfield, MA

JustMatters Modules

Available for 2018

Cultivating Nonviolence, Harvesting Peace

JustFaith Ministries’ new 8 week program, Cultivating Nonviolence, Harvesting Peace, invites participants to formulate a personal response, inspired by their Christian beliefs, to the reality of violence.

The module is designed for small groups of 8 – 12 and explores some of the central questions related to nonviolence responses to violence.
The sessions provide historical, biblical, and theological perspectives and suggest ways participants can take faithful action for God’s people.

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Exploring Migration: A Faith Journey

Migration is a complex issue that is reshaping the cultural, economic and political landscape of the planet. This new module offers the opportunity for prayer, reading and reflection as well as discussion and discovery related to this critical and controversial issue of our day.

This eight session module provides participants a chance to find common ground and to discover more about themselves, their values, our God, and the millions of people who are on the move in every part of the world.

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Hunger for Change

Every day 795 million people experience hunger.  Hunger for Change explores the realities of food insecurity in the United States and around the world.

This is an eight session, prayerful process that includes study, rich dialogue, and an immersion experience. This process inspires participants to take concrete action to end hunger.

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Church of Second Chances

Church of Second Chances shares the stories of incarcerated people and exposes injustices in the judicial system through the lens of faith.  This module inspires a prophetic revision of incarceration that invites restoration, mercy and reconciliation.

This eight session module represents diversity in the voices of those behind bars, includes updated video resources, encourages deeper dialogue, and incorporates Pope Francis’ message of mercy.

Available until June 30, 2018.

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The Sultan and the Saint

This eight session JustMatters module brings Muslims and Christians together in dialogue. It aims to cultivate mutual understanding and appreciation of what these faith traditions hold in common, as well as the ways in which they differ.

By nurturing relationships across religious boundaries, participants will model interfaith cooperation as they live out a central tenet of both faiths: to love God and to love our neighbor.

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Program Overview

Groups are co-facilitated by two participants, using materials provided upon registration.


The JustMatters modules range from eight 2 ½-hour sessions. All sessions include prayer, dialogue, active listening, and relationship-building.  Some sessions may include DVDs and/or guest speakers.


JustFaith Ministries recommends that a group be approximately eight to fifteen people.


Participants deepen their understanding through in-depth reading and viewing DVDs and online materials. The most essential resource is the community formed through the JustMatters process.

Immersion Experience

To broaden perspectives, each module includes an immersion. Participants visit local organizations to learn from those involved with the issue.

The JustFaith modules have provided our parishioners with a clear and planned way to discuss, learn, and build community as we study issues of our times. They have provided us an arena to consider how the Spirit is calling us to move to productive action related to the focus issue of the module.

– Tony F., Los Angeles, CA


Affordable Pricing for Groups

Each JustMatters Module is carefully designed to guide your small group in meaningful dialogue about important issues. Please make sure you are selecting the correct module as you register.

Churches, Parishes, Organizations


Program Includes:

  • Comprehensive materials for each session
  • Facilitation scripts and guidance
  • Immersion guidance
  • Direct access to program staff for support

    Other program costs include books for participants and DVDs for groups.  The costs for these vary by module.


    Hunger for Change $175 Register
    Exploring Migration $175 Register
    Church of Second Chances $175 Register
    The Sultan and the Saint $175 Register
    Cultivating Nonviolence, Harvesting Peace $175 Register

Frequently Asked Questions

Do participants need previous JustFaith Ministries or social justice experience?

Participants do not need to have participated in any JustFaith Ministries program or social ministry program prior to participating in a JustMatters module.

For whom are JustMatters modules designed?

The modules are designed for people who want to learn more about a single, specific topic through dialogue in a small faith-sharing setting.

People who have completed the JustFaith program find these resources particularly useful in engaging other parishioners in the study of current issues and effective actions strategies. JustMatters participants may find the experience a compelling springboard into another JustFaith program.

What should a participant expect at the end of a JustMatters module?

Participants who fully engage the dialogue and actively listen throughout the process should expect to have a deeper appreciation and understanding of the topic. Participants should not expect, however, to be given “the answer” to any particular issue. Each module ends with a call to action, ideally collective action by the group.

Does the program registration fee cover the full cost of the program?

No.  Program fees and resources provide only about 25% of the cost of program development and maintenance. The majority of the cost of each program is provided by generous donations from past program participants. We are also sustained by the support of our partner organizations and grants. JustFaith Ministries relies on these partners to make sure all programs are affordable for churches, organizations, and individuals who want to participate in our mission.

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