Out of the Light: Creating Sacred Space for Self and Others


Do you want to live deeply and love broadly?

This first program of the EngagingSpirituality series guides participants in developing spiritual practices (of the contemplative tradition) to ground their work of outreach and justice.

Program Overview

Out of the Light: Creating Sacred Space for Self and Others invites participants to clear a space for themselves, while also making room for others. The program welcomes participants into the present moment, embraces silence and active listening, and cultivates gratitude and wonder.

Program Goals

There are three primary goals for Creating Sacred Space for Self and Others.


Two volunteer co-facilitators are needed for Creating Sacred Space for Self and Others. JustFaith Ministries provides strong facilitation support.


Creating Sacred Space for Self and Others consists of an opening retreat, eight 2 1/2 hour sessions and an immersion experience.


There are three books used in Creating Sacred Space for Self and Others – all available through our JustFaith Ministries Bookstore.

Program Promotion

A comprehensive set of program promotion materials are provided.


The registration fee for Creating Sacred Space for Self and Others is $250 plus books/resources for participants.


What They’re Saying

Scott Bottenfield
“The Engaging Spirituality sessions have been of tremendous value to me. The materials are rich, and the conversations with my classmates have been deep and meaningful. It has strengthened my prayer life and changed the way I see my relationship with God, others and the world.”
Mary Ann Ellis-Jammal
“I have been enriched by this program: inspired readings, warm and thoughtful discussions, and time for introspection and prayer. Thank you to all involved!”

Register Your Group

Program Registration


Program Includes:

  • Comprehensive materials and session guides
  • Facilitation guidance
  • Retreat and Immersion guidance
  • Adaptations for virtual groups
  • Direct access to program staff for support
  • 12-month access to program materials

When you register, you have 2 options:

  • If you want to register your entire group for a flat rate of $250, click the “Register Now” button below.
  • If you’d prefer each participant to pay a small registration fee on a sliding scale, email Susan Chapman at [email protected] to set up your group’s individual registration process.
  • Coming soon!
    In order to make our programs accessible to everyone, our new website will only feature the individual registration model with a sliding scale (second option above).

Books & Resources
for Group Participants

Participant books/resources are sold separately through our JustFaith Ministries Bookstore. The cost for books and a prayer journal for Creating Sacred Space for Self and Others is approximately $49/person. Note that there may be a small additional fee for an occasional video purchase.

In order to save shipping and the environment, JustFaith Ministries ships books to groups (not to individuals).

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the programs in the EngagingSpirituality series different from other spiritual programs?

EngagingSpirituality follows the trajectory of Jesus’ prophetic ministry and mission.  It calls participants to dismantle injustice with a spirit of compassion, opening their lives to Gospel-based justice and peace. It invokes the disturbing and unsettling Holy Spirit that rouses people from complacency. It demands a willingness to cultivate a wider and more tender heart, an open mind, and a deeper connection to struggling people and vulnerable life.

Do groups need to meet weekly?

We recommend meeting weekly or every other week.

Can I pick which EngagingSpirituality program I’d like to do first?

The programs in the EngagingSpirituality series were designed to be taken in order. Groups should begin with Creating Sacred Space for Self and Others (program one), followed by Bearing Witness to Suffering and Mystery (program two) and then Embracing Healing, Justice and Joy (program three).

Do we have to do all three programs in the series?

No. At the end of programs one and two in the EngagingSpirituality series there is time for members of the group to discern whether or not they would like to continue on to the next program in the series. A minimum of five members of the group need to commit to moving on to the next program or your group will become too small.

Can new participants join our group at any time?

We recommend that new participants not join a group that has already begun because of the community and trust that has already been established among group members. However, we do encourage keeping a contact list of all those who would like to do the EngagingSpirituality series and forming new groups later in the year.

Have Other Questions?

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