"Grief, Gratitude, and Everything in Between" presented by Cory Lockhart

Join us on Thursday, November 10, 7:00 p.m. ET/4:00 p.m. PT, for a presentation by Cory Lockhart entitled “Grief, Gratitude, and Everything in Between.”

Overview: We are living in topsy turvy times. You may be witnessing and feeling ripples move through you and your community from the midterm elections, political turmoil, COVID, inflation, the global rise in authoritarianism, climate change, war, division, separation, uncertainty. You may also be aware of the places of light, joy, courage, cooperation, and integrity that are alive in your community and in you. Join us to explore how your interior landscape reflects external realities and how you can continue to orient toward healing and wholeness.

About the speaker: Cory Lockhart is a teacher, artist, public speaker, and owner of Hart Communication, LLC. She facilitates classes, workshops, and conversations using a Nonviolent Communication framework. She wrote the JustFaith Ministries program Cultivating Nonviolence, Harvesting Peace and was a consultant for Want to Talk? Communication Tools for Divided Times. She is keenly interested in co-creating a world with less shame, blame, and harm and more justice, peace, and love. Learn more through her website: corylockhart.com

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