Protecting God’s Creation – Embracing Gospel Justice – Nurturing Christian Simplicity

We carry the Ecumenical versions of the Lent 4.5 handouts and the Christian Simplicity Discussion Coursebooks.

Lent 4.5 Handouts (set of 10)

​Lent 4.5 is a seven-week faith formation program created by the Passionist Earth & Spirit Center of Louisville, KY and distributed by JustFaith Ministries.

Each week you will learn about the significant issues facing our human family and how you can take practical steps to make a difference in our world.

Caring for creation and living more simply are an essential part of faith for those who follow in the footsteps of Jesus today.

The seven handouts distributed throughout the Lenten season are the foundation of the program.  Each week, the take-home leaflets focus on a particular area of consumption. They are carefully designed to raise awareness, stimulate reflection and motivate action within members of your church.

Available in sets of 10 for a cost of $5 a set.  Shipping is included.

Please note – These are the Ecumenical version.

Christian Simplicity Discussion Coursebook

This seven-week course is designed for study or faith-sharing groups of 8-12 people who wish to reflect more deeply together on the weekly themes of the Lent 4.5 program.  Groups meet weekly to reflect prayerfully on God’s Word, discuss coursebook readings, and support each other in making personal changes toward a simpler, more just lifestyle.

If you are just now learning about Lent 4.5, and thinking that you don’t want to wait until Lent 2021 to participate, you might want to consider ordering copies of the discussion course book. While the book covers the same seven themes as the Lenten program, it does not use the language of Lent, so it is usable any time of the year. Non-denominational, it includes articles with religious, scientific, philosophical, economic, practical, and story slants, on such issues as Food, Water, Consumption, and Gratitude and Generosity.

Cost is $20 and shipping is included.

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