Spirituality and Racial Equity is an eight-session program that awakens participants to the economic systems, public policies, cultural norms, and hidden biases that empower some and oppress others. After laying the groundwork for understanding power and privilege, Spirituality and Racial Equity takes a deeper dive into specific issues related to power and privilege, including affirmative action, the school-to-prison pipeline, the criminal justice system, and powerful biases in media representation. Sessions will incorporate meditative practices to ground the inner and outer work of racial justice, as well as discernment around action steps for working toward racial equity in participants’ own communities.

This pilot program was developed by JustFaith Ministries, in partnership with Fetzer Institute. The eight (virtual) sessions and opening retreat will take place on Monday evenings from 6-8pm Eastern, beginning February 21, 2022. There is no fee for the program or program resources. However, participants will be expected to provide feedback about their experience. Questions? Contact Susie Tierney at [email protected] or 502-429-0865 Ext. 3. To register, fill out the form below. (Note: This program is designed for those who are not affiliated with a particular religious tradition or who identify as “spiritual-but-not-religious.” An alternative version is available for those aligned with Christian churches.)

JustFaith Ministries is a national organization whose mission and vision is to build a more just, equitable and peaceful world. Through small group programs we invite learning and inspire action around contemporary social issues. While the majority of our programs are Christian-based, we have versions of our programs that are designed for a more broadly spiritual audience to inspire action regardless of any particular religion or spiritual affiliation.