A desperate, gnawing hunger woven thru my cells,

Permeating, penetrating, enveloping all that I am,

Always present, the intensity sometimes controlled,

In its box, behaving, disrupting not.

Then the flashpoint, cause unknown,

Like a brewing storm unleashing its power,

The hunger erupts, takes over every cell, dominates,

Like a dictator gone wild.


A parched thirst, days of travel in the blistering desert behind me,

Bearded, sweating, tattered clothing, burned skin, demanding water.

Capable of no other thought but the relief of a stream, the heaven’s rains.

Give me water.  Now!  Give me water.


I hunger and thirst for justice,

For all those who suffer,

Trapped in clinging poverty,

Safety long gone, only despair closing in,

Yet they smile, hug their loved ones, look beyond starvation.

Bring them relief.  Bring them a warm shower, clean clothes, life giving food, crystal clear water, shelter.

Bring them a loving companion to hold them, tell them they’re loved, they’re not alone and forgotten.

Let me stand by them, in solidarity, as my family,

Let me do something to help, to bring the slightest bit of caring and love,

Let me be a part of the solution.

I hunger and thirst for justice.  Now!  I hunger and thirst for justice.