Jack KWeavers of Hopeern and his fellow JustFaith program participants from Austin, Texas, developed the nonprofit organization, Weavers of Hope, which changes lives for students in the village of Villa Garcia in central Mexico.

Weavers of Hope operates a sponsorship program that helps young people, with a real chance to succeed, stay in school. There are currently 60 sponsored students, from grade school through the university level. The university students are being trained to become community leaders, and are also helping to mentor the younger students. Relationships are encouraged between sponsors and students through letters (with translations), shared scripture readings, and sponsor visits to Villa Garcia.

In addition, a Fair Trade program was developed in conjunction with the local weavers in the village. Paying a fair price for the rugs and tapestries which the weavers produce, Weavers of Hope brings these products back to the US and sells them at various fair trade shows in the community. All of the profits from these sales go back into other projects in the village.

Weavers of Hope also offers direct help to the most needy  when funds are available