JustFaith Ministries works in close collaboration with the following organizations. Each of these organizations addresses issues related to poverty and actively engages some of the key themes of Christian social justice through their work.

Bread for the World is a collective Christian voice urging our nation’s decision makers to end hunger and poverty at home and abroad. In his 2015 encyclical, Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home, Pope Francis observes that environmental and social problems are connected. The Holy Father states, “…it is essential to seek comprehensive solutions which consider the interactions within natural systems themselves and with social systems.” (§139)

Bread for the World believes we can end hunger in our time. But ending hunger requires more than just giving people a meal today, it requires addressing the root causes of hunger. As long as people don’t have the resources they need to put food on the table, hunger will continue. Churches around our country engage in the corporal work of mercy by feeding the hungry; likewise Bread for the World churches often operate food pantries and soup kitchens. But as part of their faithful witness, Bread churches also engage in policy advocacy to ensure economic security and self-sufficiency over the long-term for people in the U.S. and around the world.

While we recognize that the world as a whole has been making unprecedented progress against hunger, poverty, and disease, we believe it is possible to make further progress in addressing the 795 million people who experience hunger every day. In the United States, one in every five kids lives at risk of hunger.

Our federal government must do its part to change policies, programs, and systems that allow hunger and poverty to exist. Recently, Bread for the World has done extensive study and reporting on environmental fragility as a root cause of hunger that Congress must address meaningfully if we are to end hunger by 2030 –you can read more in the 2017 Hunger Report, Fragile Environments, Resilient Communities available at www.hungerreport.org. Bread for the World equips and mobilizes ordinary Christians to raise their voices before our political decision makers and to make ending hunger a priority for our nation. Each year, we invite churches to make an Offering of Letters to Congress on an issue directly connected to hunger and poverty. With hundreds of thousands of letters to Congress, we help shape our laws so they are more just and merciful toward all of God’s people.

For more information, visit www.bread.org.

For nearly 60 years, World Renew has supported community development and transformation in more than 50 developing countries. World Renew embraces a family-centered approach to ending global poverty with food security, peace and justice, economic livelihood, health, and disaster response. Through this whole-person intervention model, World Renew joins hundreds of thousands of families each year to change global hunger, poverty, and illness. And thanks to partnerships with local agencies and churches across Latin America, Asia, Africa, and North America, the work of World Renew continues to grow and endure.

That work is dedicated in thought, word, and deed to making the world a whole and vibrant place for all peoples, not only because we feel a physical and emotional yearning to do so, but also because we carry a deep spiritual calling to live out our Christian faith. In pursuit of this calling, we place an emphasis on partnership, process, and restoration: using resources wisely to bring the best care to the most people throughout the duration of their need. We know we have been faithful to God’s work as we see communities develop resilience and eventually thrive.

That means as an organization, we prioritize inherent human dignity and we approach the world with a sense of justice, determination, and realism—coming alongside communities to work for concrete and sustainable developments that improve people’s lives for the long-term.

When it comes to changing poverty, we dream big, start small, and never give up. Each day, we face challenges. Together, we work with local communities to find the spirit, life, and resilience to address those challenges and embrace God’s presence and love for all people. Following the model of Christ’s life, we understand such love often begins in spaces of physical need: particularly hunger, illness, and poverty.

And—none of this need can be met without the faithful men, women, and children who give and pray as partners with the global families who are changing their stories through World Renew programming. In 2018, the gifts of generous donors and churches reached 935,043 lives around the world, meeting physical, relational, mental, and spiritual needs.

You can join World Renew in changing more stories at www.worldrenew.net.