Katherine Wojtan’s experience in a  JustFaith program urged her to live her life differently. After completing the An ESPERA group in Honduras, managing a local community lending pool, involved heavily in women’s human rights.program, she  chose to leave her corporate job to serve as Executive Director of Mary’s Pence, a non-profit that funds women’s projects across the Americas. Internationally Mary’s Pence partners with existing women’s groups (9 groups in 6 countries (2014)) to create locally owned community lending pools.  The women own the funds, and determine how to manage them.  Mary’s Pence accompanies the groups, visiting 3-4 times a year, supplying money for training, assemblies and local coordination of the project. Katherine writes, “It is a joy to see the women gain confidence as they invest in their businesses and see their incomes grow, and their status in their households rise.”

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