Faith and Poverty:

A Global Response


How can I act locally to address global poverty?

Faith and Poverty: A Global Response, developed in partnership with Catholic Relief Services, invites Catholics into a new understanding of the dynamics, structures, causes, and consequences of global poverty.

Program Overview

Through engagement with Scripture, Catholic social teaching, poetry, story, and sacred dialogue, participants gain insights into the complexity of this global crisis and the insistent demands for a response rooted in the spirituality of the Scriptures. By encouraging new spiritual practices and informed action, Faith and Poverty: A Global Response aims to cultivate a groundswell of action and advocacy in solidarity with those whose lives are affected by severe poverty across the globe.

Program Goals

Goals for Faith and Poverty: A Global Response include:


Two volunteer co-facilitators are needed for Faith and Poverty: A Global Response. JustFaith Ministries provides strong facilitation support.


Faith and Poverty: A Global Response consists of eight 2-hour sessions, a 2-hour retreat and an immersion experience in Session 8.


There are two books and a spiritual practice resource in Faith and Poverty: A Global Response– all available through our JustFaith Ministries Bookstore.

Program Promotion

A comprehensive set of program promotion materials are provided.


The registration fee for Faith and Poverty: A Global Response is $250 plus books/resources for participants. If you would like your participants to pay their own registration fee, please reach out to Susan Chapman at [email protected].


What They’re Saying

Vivi Iglesias
CRS National Advisor for Partnerships
“This new collaboration between Catholic Relief Services and JustFaith Ministries, provides the opportunity for all of us to engage in a movement of prayer and action for global change. A meaningful action that can have and international impact on some of the most vulnerable communities around the world, offering a concrete response to Pope Francis’ invitation to grow in fraternal love, and a community life that is grounded in service.”
Chris A.
Friendswood, TX
“The recurring thought that I had throughout my participation in Faith and Poverty: A Global Response was 'I can do better.' The program allowed me to make connections between my thoughts, beliefs and actions and the lives of others around the world. I was reminded again and again how interconnected we all are. I cannot fix global poverty, but with the knowledge and passion I learned in this program, I can certainly be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.”
Glen L.
Davenport, IA
“The Global Poverty program is a conversion experience that deeply moved me, and will continue to do so as I work through the wealth of additional resources, suggested readings, videos and re-reading the two main texts.”

Register Your Group

Program Registration


Program Includes:

  • Comprehensive materials and session guides
  • Facilitation guidance
  • Retreat and Immersion guidance
  • Adaptations for virtual groups
  • Direct access to program staff for support
  • 12-month access to program materials
  • If you would like your participants to pay their own registration fee, please reach out to Susan Chapman at [email protected].

Books & Resources
for Group Participants

Participant books/resources are sold separately through our JustFaith Ministries Bookstore. The cost for books for Faith and Poverty: A Global Response is approximately $48/person. Note that there may be a small additional fee for an occasional video purchase.

In order to save shipping and the environment, JustFaith Ministries ships books to groups (not to individuals).

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the JustFaith Catholic program series different from a book club or bible study?

JustFaith Catholic is a deep and personal exploration of our call to love God and love our neighbors. Reading discussion and reflection on the themes of Catholic social teaching are complemented by rich prayers, heartfelt sharing, videos, guest speakers, retreats, and immersion experiences into the local community – all of which build strong relationships among group members. JustFaith Ministries programs also compel people into action alongside those experiencing poverty. Each program in the series provides practical tools for action and guides participants in discerning how they are called to help alleviate poverty in their local community. Expect to leave the JustFaith Catholic series with a transformed understanding not only of poverty, but of who you are and how God is calling you to use your life.

Do groups need to meet weekly?

We recommend meeting weekly. However, your group can meet every other week if necessary.

Can I pick which JustFaith program I’d like to do first?

The fourth program in the series, Faith and Poverty: A Global Response, can be offered without previously having done the other JustFaith Catholic programs. However, the first three programs in the JustFaith series were designed to be taken in order. Groups should begin with Faith and Poverty: A Biblical Response (program one), followed by Faith and Poverty: A Solidarity Response (program two) and then Faith and Poverty: A Justice Response (program three). Parishes are always encouraged to commit to offering all four programs in the series in the order they were developed.

Do we have to do all four programs in the series?

Answer: No. There is time for members of the group to discern whether or not they would like to continue on to the next program in the series. A minimum of seven members of the group need to commit to moving on to the next program or your group will become too small.

Can new participants join our group at any time?

We recommend that new participants not join a group that has already begun because of the community and trust that has already been established among group members. However, we do encourage keeping a contact list of all those who would like to do the JustFaith Catholic series and forming new groups later in the year.

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