Becker Social Justice Award

Congratulations to our 2023 Impact Leader of the Year

Congratulations to the 2023 Impact Leader of the Year

Our programs are just the beginning. The real work starts when our graduates venture out into their communities and make a difference. This Award recognizes a JustFaith Ministries program graduate that has created social change in their community, state, nation, or world.

The goal of the award is twofold: 1) to recognize those who have been transformed by JustFaith Ministries programs and are working for equity and justice 2) and to financially support their efforts for justice. Three individuals will be honored and each will receive $1,000. The top recipient will be selected as the JFM Impact Leader of the Year and receive an additional $2,000 to continue their work.

Mary and Gary Becker participated in the first JustFaith class ever offered. Their lives were significantly impacted and their subsequent commitment to justice and JustFaith made a remarkable difference.

Discover how our Becker Award recipients are addressing the root causes of injustice through serving with love!

Alisa De Los Santos

Alisa De Los Santos lives in Camarillo, California. Learn more about Alisa’s life and ministry here.

Maureen Earls

Maureen Earls lives in Santa Barbara, California. Learn more about Maureen’s life and ministry here.

Nancy Rosenberg

Nancy lives in Palmetto, Florida. Learn more about Nancy’s life and ministry here.