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Living Solidarity: Government, the Federal Budget and the Common Good (updated Dec 2011)

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The goal of this eight session popular education curriculum is to engage the question, “What kind of society do we wish to become?” It is vital that all of us engage this question by bringing our values—not our opinions—to the many conversations about the economy and the federal budget. The budget is a moral document!

The Gospel and Catholic social teaching remind us that we are responsible for both ourselves and the common good. One of the ways in which we do this is through government, taxes and the federal budget. To the extent there are things we don’t like about any one of the three, we together are responsible for fixing them. Being informed about and engaged with these issues is part of our responsibility as citizens and as people of faith.

Registration for the module is $150. Additional materials costs are described in the module flyer. For more information, contact Mary Wright at